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Printer Inkjet Sonic Jet TJX 4

Sonicjet TJX 4

Inkjet Printer Sonic Jet TJX 4, cortex-A9 quad core CPU, 600dpi high resolution printing, Dual nozzle design, Support external encoder and etc

Sample Print

  • Use the world’s leading cortex-A9 quad core CPU, 360-degree omnibearing printing,no dead hand
  • 600dpi high resolution printing. Built in SD Card, permanent storage of information
  • Dual nozzle design (DSND). When the printing quality drops, you can manually switch to another nozzle
  • Adjustable 1-6 gray scale, can add black printing effect. Software adjustable seamless splicing

  • Support anti counterfeiting traceability data printing. Support external encoder
  • The ink catridge is installed with a buckle, which is simple and reliable
  • Can be seamless joint of print heads, can be installed independently
Inkjet Printer Sonic Jet TJX 4


  • Shape features Aluminium, color touch screen
  • Dimension 24517542mm
  • CPU Quard core I.4 GHz
  • Definition 600PDI
  • Spray nozzle Thermal foaming inkjet
  • Printing direction Adjustable with 360 degree, meet all kinds of production needs
  • Printing height 2-100mm
  • Printing distance 1-10mm mechanical adjustment (the best distance between the nozzle and printed object is 2-5mm)
  • 1Printing content Chinese, English, number, date, time, OR code, bar code, picture
  • Application Board,carton,stonerpipe,cable,metal,plastic,electronics,automotive parts
  • Printing length 2000 characters for each message, no limitation on length
  • Ink type Quick-dry environmental ink, water-based ink and oily ink
  • Ink color Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible
  • Ink volume 72m1
  • Interface USB, DB15, Photoelectric interface
  • Storage The system can store more than 100,000 messages
  • Working condition Temperature:0 – 45 degree; Humidity: 10% – 80%

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